Healing Stories Compilation Project

My journey began after I O.D.'d on Christmas cookies one year.  I got this horrible stomach pain.  I tried eliminating just wheat initially, but then I realized it was easier to shop "gluten free".  I tried for a number of years to eliminate it completely, but it was hard.  Gluten is EVERYWHERE!  My daughter was also experiencing digestive distress so I eliminated gluten with her and it helped.  But my husband and other daughter were still eating gluten so it was in the house.  Then, in the summer of 2013 my kids went off to Europe with my husband.  They were in France having gluten for break…
Although I have every symptom of celiac disease (including gluten elbow when I touch wheat flour and other wheat products), I have had several celiac tests and my tests keep coming back negative, including a biopsy (apparently, the Cadillac of celiac tests). However, I do not need a test to tell me that vomiting and diarrhea suck! So, I am off the gluten. I believe I have always been gluten intolerant, then a vaccine injury in 2008 caused me to become full-fledged celiac. I also suddenly suffered from several other food allergies. At the time, multiple specialists and hospital visits only lea…
Hi Everyone,My name is Tyler and I am a father a son with Celiacs. I too may have a sensitivity to Gluten but have never been tested. Reece is 3 1/2 years old and was diagnosed after a blood test that was borderline and then confirmed post intestinal biopsy. Luckily Reece was not really established with various food rutines and it was somewhat easy for us to adjust to this new diet. The entire family eats gluten free dinners as that is really the only time that we can call sit down and eat together with Mom and I at our various jobs and the kids at daycare and pre-school. Reece is 100% gluten…

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